Dog Training and Handling Seminar

This will undoubtedly be the Seminar Of The Year. We have lined up exiting events and activities for all the participants. We have given a special invitation for our principal to come to Malaysia to provide a 3 day seminar on dog ownership and training. We have prepared our daily activities in a way that it is a gradual progression from one level to another with a clear objective set for each day. At the same time, each day’s objective is totally independent of the other. We of course would encourage that you join all 3 day’s event so that you can make the best out of this very special and rare seminar that is held for the first time in Malaysia. Below are the details of the seminar.

Venue : Jalan Templer, SRJK (T) Vivekananda, Petaling Jaya.

Date : 1,2 and 3 July 2011

Time : Morning Session 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM (except for 1st July 2011)

Afternoon Session 4:00PM to 7:00 PM (except for 1st July 2011 starts at 3:00PM)

The modules covered every day is listed below:

Day 1 (July 1) Building Basic Relationship Between Dog and Human (Classroom session)

  • Introduction to training equipment
  • Introduction to handling equipment
  • Introduction to frequently used commands
  • Grooming technique
  • Pack relationship

Day 2 (July 2) Beginning Obedience and Command Over Your Dog (Fieldwork)

  • Beginning basic commands
  • Creating distraction and introducing correction
  • Rewarding techniques
  • Maintaining the drive at optimum level
  • Beginning obstacle work
  • Beginning retrieving work
  • Beginning searching and tracking
  • Case Study on 2 local dogs with nerve problems and how to make the right correction

Day 3 (July 3) Beginning Protection and Home Guarding (Fieldwork)

  • Beginning protection work for handler
  • Beginning protection work for helper
  • Beginning protection work for dog
  • Testing the potential for protection work and starting positive protection work drive
  • Building grip for bite work
  • Introducing distraction and maintaining focus
  • Developing hold and bark for holding suspect
  • Pursuing a fleeing suspect for biting and holding
  • Developing courage against intimidation and threat
  • Training the dog for personnel protection
  • Case Study on 2 local dogs which has not developed protection drive despite trainings

Some of the major highlights of the seminar would be the participation of the K9 units of various Malaysian government agencies. Also something very useful for dog training and handling fans would be the sale of dog training and handling equipments. We will showcase various equipments for sale. All equipments are imported directly from Germany.

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