We welcome local dog owners to come forward to participate in this Seminar and Workshop to fully utilize this opportunity to learn as much as possible. The participants are urged to take advantage of the expertise offered by us during each activity. Currently we limit the number of participants to only 15 handlers to ensure attention can be given and quality time is spent for all. We are currently very busy and tight up with the preparations for this event,  as a result not being able to explain everything over the phone. Therefore please go through all the details below to as a checklist before you register and enroll for this seminar. If you still require clarification, you can call us.

  • Each owner must have a dog in order to practice on the spot on techniques taught.
  • Closing date for registration is 24 June 2011. Registered participants will receive a tag which needs to be worn throughout the event as identification. Those who are not registered are not allowed in the premises as they will be checked by the security guards.
  • Seminar fee is RM300.00 for individuals and RM500.00 for companies. Cheques can be made payable to Westerwald Kennel. Fee is not refundable should registrations be canceled. The other mode of payment is via fund transfer to
    • Westerwald Kennel Account
  • Send us the following details either by email or in person.
    • Name
    • NRIC
    • Address
    • Dog’s Name
    • Breed
  • Owners must be responsible for their dogs in terms of safety and hygiene. Dog droppings must be picked up by their owners.
  • Owner must arrange their own transports for themselves and their dogs. They must have a facility to hold their dogs at times when their dogs are supposed to be kept away. If owners wish to rent crates from us, kindly make the bookings early as we have short supply. Charges for the crate will be RM50.00 for 2 days.
  • Please make sure you have vaccinated your dogs and their are properly de-ticked. Dogs that are found to be not in optimum health are not allowed to participate in the Seminar.
  • Participants with medical conditions such as diabetics, high blood pressure and other high risk illness are required to get permissions from their doctors before enrolling for this event.