Training and Trials in Germany (Last Updated on 18/12/2012)

Our annual training and trials in Germany will begin coming November. We will be having joint training sessions with our principals and bring our locally trained dog for trials in Germany. This year is expected to be full on challenges and of course excitement. We will try to post the latest updates on a daily basis for the view of Malaysian public.

We will be meeting some of the titans of the dog training world and most importantly training with them to learn newer techniques and training systems. The historic moment is taking part and working together with RSV2000 in various trials. This will be the most eventful moment.

Benefit for dog owners

We will be sourcing and putting up some interesting dogs on our website during our stay in Germany. As we will be flying back with some dogs booked earlier by our customers, this will be the best time to own full blooded working line German Shepherds from Germany as you can enjoy savings in the freight. Breeders can also take advantage of this by considering imported in dams. We have extensive contacts with top competitors in Germany and through our network we can source top working line Studs for mating.

During this period, if you wish to contact us, you can do so through the following German numbers :

  • +4915155789905
  • +4915126769652

It’s a lot cheaper to call us through these number than our Malaysian number which is currently on roaming.

Daily Updates of our activities in Germany

At last we have landed in Germany and started our training activities. We apologize that we are unable to update the activities on time due to limited access to internet and telephone lines as most of our locations are in the country side. Neither were we able to take photos or videos of daily activities.

8 November 2012

We have touched down in Germany. Breathing in the winter air and getting ready for action.

Training had begun the very same day. It was fun and interesting to test out the dogs that we will be importing to Malaysia.


9 November 2012

Continuing training the following day. We are lucky that this year’s winter brings has good sun light. It makes our training more fun.

After the training, its time to unwind and relax. Now time to learn social behaviour with dogs.

This is a good way to establish pack ranking in any pack behaviour among dogs.

10 and 11 November 2012

Weekend event was Sichtungs and Korung in Saar Pfalz. It was a fantastic experience to learn from the trials. In addition we learned a lot from the Protection work training with Thomas Mueller.

10 & 11 November 2012

[img src=]3450With friends in the morning
[img src=]790Listening to the speech of RSV2000 President
[img src=]710Listening to the speech of RSV2000 President
[img src=]880Dr Helmut Raiser doing Korung
[img src=]760Dr Helmut Raiser doing Korung
[img src=]580Dr Helmut Raiser judging
[img src=]620
[img src=]760Unforgettable portrait with Dr Helmut Raiser
[img src=]620Learning Process
[img src=]630
[img src=]670
[img src=]670Sightings for GSD Standards
[img src=]610
[img src=]600
[img src=]650
[img src=]810Group Photo at Contwig RSV2000 LCC
[img src=]750Nice photo with our Police friend
[img src=]620Our Contwig Club house

The gallery above shows the pictures of various trials such as Korung, Sichtungen and Talentsichtung. We also had the pleasure of interacting with the Great Master of Dog Training, Dr Helmut Raiser. In the days to come we will be training with the Guru himself.

Below is a video of Finch, Helmut Raiser’s dog performing in Korung Level 3.

More information on the event can be found at this link. However the page is in German.

12 November 2012

We also had a great opportunity to be in the top KNPV kennel in Holland. They are also our principal who breed German Shepherd. Their goal has always been to breed and trainer German Shepherds specifically for the purpose of KNPV competition.

And they have successfully bred and competed these dogs in international arena.

13 November 2012

We were at the office of RSV2000 in Schleiden to discuss about the trial and training for Talentsichtung.

We are grateful for the advice and guidance given by the Chief Officer of RSV2000.

14 November 2012

Our most important journey is to Dr Helmut Raiser LAZ of RSV2000 training center.  We reached today and started to work on tracking with the dog that we will use for the weekend seminar. Dr Helmut Raiser has revolutionized the methods of dog training to achieve the best results in the shortest period of tine.

This dog will be imported to Malaysia and has good talents for all phases of work. We will also train with Dr Helmut Raiser in coming days to learn the intricacies of training a dog in various drives.

15 November 2012

At last we have started training with the Great Master of Dog Training. Below is the picture of the training center in Hunn Munden.


On winter season as the days are shorter, you noticed we seem to be training at night time. But it was only 5.30PM but 2 degree Celcius.

The handler and the dog is being trained at the same time by Dr Helmut Raiser.

17 November 2012

First day of the tracking seminar had started. The theory session was done in the CC of Gottingen RSV2000 club house.

After lunch all of headed to tracking field to begin the first steps of Tracking. Dr Helmut Raiser was relly spectaculer
in explaining the theory based on the Color Modals to describe the drives of a dog and how to make use of it for training.

Germany 17 Nov 2012

[img src=]1350Class Room Session
[img src=]130Class Room Session
[img src=]170Class Room Session
[img src=]50Tracking Field
[img src=]130Getting ready for the work
[img src=]80Dr Helmut Raiser showing us the first steps to create the tracks
[img src=]90Explaining and recapping the theory
[img src=]90Beginning the first step
[img src=]70The following steps
[img src=]60Protection training
[img src=]60Building the the grip
[img src=]50Building the the grip

Later in the evening we were training for Protection work with Dr Helmut Raiser. Again he refered to the Color Modal in this work.

18 November 2012

Second day was going through the theory again with revision on what was learnt on the first day. After lunch we tried out the important technique to motivate the dog further int this work.

Germany 18 Nov 2012

[img src=]1300CC of Gottinghn
[img src=]80Entrance to club house
[img src=]70Training field
[img src=]110Dog kennels
[img src=]140
[img src=]60Theory session
[img src=]50Participants listening intently
[img src=]50Dr Helmut Raiser explaining
[img src=]50Beginning the track
[img src=]250Getting the dog ready
[img src=]100Tracking pattern explained by Dr Helmut Raiser
[img src=]100Tracking based on Plan C
[img src=]140With our friend
[img src=]310Memorable Group Photo

We are very grateful for Dr Helmut Raiser’s son Mr Bernd Raiser to explain the technical details in English and to also further guide us in the tracking portion.

20 November 2012

Of course we take a break to catch up with local events. It was good experience to spend time with fellow trainer in the town while discussing about the training techniques learn in the last few days.

In the evening we begin our training on Protection Work with Dr Helmut Raiser in the RSV2000 Training Center in Hann Muenden.

Dr Helmut Raiser was explaining the subtle methods of developing the dog’s ability to be calm and yet with full of power when working in the Schutzient phase.

As can be seen, training a dog to be a good Shutzhund or IPO dog is not easy. Each action during the training phase is extremely important to ensure that the dog is learning the right action and discarding the wrong movements.

21 November 2012

We started leaving from Lower Saxony to Munich. This time we travel on the train with our dog. She is a full black female who is very confident wherever she goes.

Midway we stop by at Frankfurt and visited another kennel which is known for producing top working line German Shepherds. During our stay it was good experience for us to learn about professional breeding  of working line German Shepherds for utility purposes as idealized by Max Von Stephanitz.

22 November 2012

This is a sweet video which we would like to share with our Malaysian fans. We thought we should take note of this to show how pack related behaviours go on between a big dog and a small dog.

Both are working dogs, a GSD-Mali Mix and a Jack Russel Terrier. Notice how the JRT does not give in to the bigger dog in his struggle to exhibit his superiority in the pack.

23 November 2012

Our final day working in the field before we wrapping up all our training. We were also training with 2 of our dogs that we were going to import to Malaysia. The training was quite intense and good opportunity to learn what is necessary to be done for improving a dog’s performance and what is necessary to be avoided to prevent your training performance going down-hill

Protection Work

Notice how the dog launches like a torpedo when making a long attack and lands perfectly on the ground while still having the grip on his bite. This shows how strong his hips and elbows are. He also shows a steady nerve while all those serious attack work going on.

Germany 23 Nov 2012

[img src=]860Front photo of our import dog
[img src=]40Side photo of our import dog
[img src=]40East German Male from Thuringian bloodline
[img src=]70East German Male from Thuringian bloodline
[img src=]50Young female doing protection
[img src=]30Young female potrait
[img src=]50SchH3 Male from Czechoslovakia
[img src=]50SchH3 Male from Czechoslovakia
[img src=]40Serious Protection Work
[img src=]30Serious Protection Work
[img src=]40Hold and Bark
[img src=]50Hold and Bark
[img src=]30Firm bite grip
[img src=]60Our friends after training
[img src=]60Chilling out after traiing
[img src=]20Side photo of our import dog

This dog has extreme aggression and yet an easy going personality. We had much fun training with him for Obedience and Protection as well.

Short Attack

Long Attack

We had a fantastic refresher session for the Protection work with this dog. She has extreme aggression and very stable nerves.

We had repeated the sessions to achieve perfect barking and the dog just keeps on getting better and better during each session.

IPO GSD from Czechoslovakia

This dog was of particular interest as he is from a very old GSD bloodline from Czechoslovakia. He was imported into Germany for his talent as an excellent IPO3 dog and ability to use his genetics for out-crossed breeding

Attacking fleeing suspect 1

Attacking fleeing suspect 2

It was fantastic to experience the power of these dogs during training. We are so grateful that we manage to train and learn many handling techniques during this session.