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If you are intested on training or buying dogs you can contact us through the following methods. But please make sure that you have refered to the materials on my website completely before asking for any clarification in terms of the pricing and requirement for training or owning a dog. The purpose of this website it to explain as much detail as possible about the work we do and what is to be expected by the dog owners who are seeking for training and owning a dog. So I expect the owners to be equiped with as much information as possible before contacting us. This is to ensure that our energies are fully spent our training programs rather than in handling queries.

Email :

Phone : +6017-3899238

We receive so many calls and emails from our customers for guidance on caring and hanlding their dogs. This takes up much of our time and energy. For them we have dedicated the following email address and they can use the same phone number to contact us. This service is exclusively offered to our existing customers.

Email :


During the period from 08/11/2012 till 23/11/2012, if you wish to contact us, you can do so through the following German numbers :

  • +4915155789905
  • +4915126769652

It’s a lot cheaper to call us through these number than our Malaysian¬†number which is currently on roaming.