Adult Female

A 2 1/2 year matured energetic female bred from East German bloodline. She has calm temperament and strong drives for work and play.


Below are some interesting facts about this dog.

  • Black and tan color with short coat, she is easy to be groomed and managed.
  • Weighing at 35KG she above medium size for a female. This can be seen with the size of her head
  • Standing at 59CM the hips and elbow rated and has been stamped in the pedigree
  • Been trained for basic obedience and protection. With good contact and training she is ready for BH.
  • She will come to heat in another 3 months and is a good potential for breeding

The dog has been home raised with family and knows how to socialize with children and family. Very confident in any kind of environment and being matured in physical and mental development she is ready to move to new to start working.

Once the dog has arrived, training will be provided for readjustment and handed over to the new owner through 3 handover sessions and follow ups. All pedigree matters will be completed with the local MKA certificate handover over once it has been issued.