Best Deals

This month has been the best for dog owners in Malaysia. This is due to the strengthening of Ringgit Malaysia against EURO Dollar. There has never been a time in the past 3 years when MYR was at a more advantageous position. For most people this is the golden oppurtunity to own an imported dog with true price advantage. Imagine if you can save RM1,000 or more for every EURO1000. We presented below the report from Yahoo! Finance on international foreign currency exhange rates.


There are two snapshots of the conversion rate from EURO to MYR dated on 16 September 2009 and 06 February 2012. You will notice that there has been more than a staggering RM1.00 drop to our advantage. So for those customers who are eager to own an imported GSD this is the best time to place an order before the exhange rate picks up again. Please click on the “FS” button on the bottom right angle of the Curreny photo gallery below to enlarge the selected image.