BI Colour Female (Impregnated)

One of its kind in Malaysia, a female from the East German bloodlines. This was a female identified specially for the Genting Highlands K9 Unit. It has the traits of the typical police dog of the Eastern Block which usually is a plus factor for K9 unit deployment. It has both hips and elbows x-rayed and passed with flying colour, a mandatory requirement for working dogs which can be seen in the pedigree below. Our scope of work laid by our customer is as below:

(a) Source a GSD of proven working bloodline.

(b) Test  the dog for protection drive and inherent ability for police work

(c) Get it mated with a dog of extreme temperament and impregnated before it flies from Germany.

And this is exactly what we did with this dog. We took all kinds of precaution in order to ensure that every phase of our work is handled carefully and professionally.  Below is the picture of the female upon identification.

Though it is a green dog it had proven to have high drive for protection work as can be seen in the videos below. Our principal had tested the dog for protection drive and bite work from aspects of Search and Attack, Pursuit on Gun Shot and Pain Threshold during Bite Work. You can see that the dog had passed all of without any issues.

Protection Work


Search and Attack



Courage Test



Bite work with pain threshold



Gun Shot Test 1



Gun Shot Test 2



Gun Shot Test 3

It is clearly proven that this female has what it takes to withstand gun shots to prove its courage and temperament against stress related police work. Pictures of the pedigree and the mating with the male stud can be seen in the gallery below.


<Samsung D70 / D75 / S730 / S750>
<Samsung D70 / D75 / S730 / S750>
<Samsung D70 / D75 / S730 / S750>
<Samsung D70 / D75 / S730 / S750>
<Samsung D70 / D75 / S730 / S750>
<Samsung D70 / D75 / S730 / S750>


Mating Stud

The male below is identified for as the best candidate for mating. This dog is also sourced from East Germany and had been also imported  by us. The stud is a hard dog with a strong character. The combination with the female will produce excellent puppies. The videos below was taken when the dog was in Germany. You can also view the last view when we imported the dog to Malaysia. This was a short clip after I had socialized with this hard dog and was able to take it for a walk in the quarantine in KLIA.

Protection In Pursuit



Courage Test



Hold and Bark





Supply of Dog Training and Handling Equipments

Apart from dogs we also supplied dog training and handling equipments to the same customer. Westerwald Kennel carries a wide variety of equipment that are imported from Germany. We had supplied equipments such as tracking leash. police muzzle, protection sleeve, and leather leashes which are meant for heavy duty use of police work. Once the dog has been delivered and handed over to the Genting Highlands K9 Unit, we made several trips in weeks ahead to ensure that all is progressing well. We also take the opportunity to go through the use and application of the supplied equipments dog training and handling equipments with the handlers so as to clarify any doubts or issues, should there be any. You can view the photos below of the female dog in advanced stage of pregnancy while in Malaysia and some of the dog training and handling equipments that were supplied to the customer.