Home owners who are unable to take their dogs together when they go for vacation can rely on us to board their dogs with us safely. Similar to our training arrangements, we request the owner to provide us with a bag of dog food that their dog is served at home. We will continue feeding the dog once it is in our care.  Our services include full supervision, caring and handling. We accept dogs of all breeds and sizes. Unlike pet shops and veterinarians, our principles of boarding dogs are totally different. I personally believe socializing and exercising the dog a lot during the period of separation from the owner which is critical to reduce the separation pang and to also keep the dog occupied with activity. Some of the benefits that your dog and you enjoy through our boarding programmes are as below:

  1. Walking the dog minimum twice daily to promote blood circulation
  2. Grooming the fur to remove matted fur and to promote blood flow on the epedermis
  3. Health check if found necessary to highlight to owner on any health issues that would have gone unnoticed
  4. Testing the potential of the dog if it is capable of shining in dog sports or even for home guarding work
  5. Complete bathing including treatment for eliminating and preventing ticks
  6. Socializing with other dogs and kids sparingly to nurture positive canine temperament
  7. Separate personalized kennel provided for each dog. Over the years we come to understand this is safer approach

And the list goes on. We do not limit ourselves to the above only. We do this for the love of this work. So whatever that is good for the dog during the boarding period will be done so that it will look forward to run back into my arms next time around when you hit for another vacation.

Pet travel
Dogs love our tick treatment
Dogs look forward for their shower
Having fun during outings
Enriching outdoor activities
Pet travel


Owners must ensure that their dogs are vaccinated with full coverage and most importantly against Kennel Cough. Apart from those, we expect the owners to complete tick treatment as we do not want your dog to be carrying any of the problems to the other dogs that come here for training and boarding. As a proof, owners must present the medical card. We do not want to take in dogs that will otherwise cause problems for other dogs. However so some owners who might be busy with last minute packing before travelling and had not the chance to give tick treatment, they can request us to do it for them. We are more than happy to assist the owners. However this is subject to the temperament of the dog if it allows a stranger to handle it freely during the bathing/treatment session.

How Do I Proceed? 

  1. Daily boarding charges applicable.
  2. The boarding fee does not include transportation charges if we are required to transport the dog from the owners premises and later to send it back. Our standard charges within Klang Valley applies.
  3. The owner has to declare the expected days of boarding. Based on the estimation the owner is required to pay the full amount in advance. In any case if the days get extended the owner will settle the balance before the dog is picked or sent back upon completion of boarding period. However if the actual period if less than the estimated, refund will not be processed.
  4. As mentioned earlier, a bag of dog food that the dog is been fed before needs to be provided so that we can continue feeding with the same food.
  5. If you wish to visit our kennel before you decide to board your dog, you can set an appointment with us.