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Shaeferhund Vom Westerwald is the name of my kennel. It means Shepherd Dogs from Westerwald. The english I name for my kennel is Westerwald Kennel. Westerwald is an area in the state of Hessen Germany. Read more about my inspiration behind the founding of my kennel.

I had many reasons for starting my work on Westerwald Kennel. The first and most important is to provide training services for local dogs regardless of  breed. The breed of my personal interest is German Shepherd. But I feel that there is more that I can do for people around me when I offer our services for all types of breed. Ever since then, I have trained quite a number of dogs ranging from toy to the large breeds. As we expanded we diversified our services into boarding, selling of dog training and handling equipment and of course selling dogs as well. This has been a natural expansion based on the needs of the dog owner community.

I noticed that most owners in Malaysia do not even have the basic knowledge to care for their dog. I have seen dogs being mishandled, mismanaged and even abused due to poor education in the area of pet ownership. Not all dogs are the same and even dogs within the same breed are not the same after all. So quite naturally it requires different types and levels of treatment in order to create a harmonious relationship between the owner and the dog.

You will find that we have not excessively stuffed pictures and videos in our website. It was our intention to have it that way as I know it is easier to impress the public with pictures and videos. We are not profit oriented and as such we do not intend to mislead or misrepresent any facts about dog ownership. We have posted pictures and videos quite sparingly in certain articles to illustrate the contents and to help the reader to conceptualize the message that I am trying to get across. Our website is not to sell our services and products through excessive and over-glamorous pictures and videos. We always want the owners get their thinking organized and actions planned in being a caring and responsible dog owner. Westerwald Kennel will assist the owners in terms of the means to achieve these two goals.


I also thought it would be beneficial for me to put up articles in our website that would enlighten the dog owner community in Malaysia.  The articles that I put up are based on my personal experience in dealing with dogs for many years. It is based on my latest and most recent undestanding. Of course I believe it may or may not change as my understanding and experience matures more and more in years to come. The learning process doesn’t end. Every day every dog presents me with a new learning experience in handling and training them. I have to thank the dogs for this. Therefore you will find that the contents that I put here cannot never be sourced from anywhere else as it is exclusively from my personal experience and knowledge. As I mentioned, accuracy of facts will evolve from lesser truth to higher truth. So expect the contents of the same articles to change in time to come. In future I will put a revision number with each article to indicate the revisions. You can also download the RSS feeds from us to receive automatic notification when the articles are revised. So take advantage of these articles to be a better owner for your dog.