Young Adult Male (Black)

You can get to know of  this dog for your interest and pleasure as it is the only full Black GSD of the DDR bloodline. But it has already been booked by one of our customer. You can view the details of the full brother of this dog posted in our website which is now for sale.

It has been scanned for Hip and Elbow and the X-Ray results show as normal.

Below is the pedigree for this dog.

Adult Male




The dog is now in Malaysia we decided to post some videos and pictures to show how well it has adapted to the new environment and family.

This video was taken few days after it arrived in our prinsipal’s kennel and a week before it flew from Germany.






The picture below is taken at the new owner’s home. You can see how well the dog is sound in temperament with the child of the owner.

This is a short clip of the dog playing with the owner. It has bond well with the owner in a matter of days.