Puppies (Black and Tan)

Much awaiting breeding of this year. Black and Tan puppies from breeding of Black and Tan parents of pure working line. Going to be 3 months they are super fit and bouncing with overwhelming energy.

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A very male with high aggression. He carries SchH3, weighing 38KG and 64CM. With hips and elbows of rating, he is pound to pound explosive muscle.

Below you can find a video of this sire in action during a protection work

The sire was the only puppy allowed to be taken out from the East German Border Patrol unit’s breeding for the purpose of testing the overall working capability of the bloodline.


Highly athletic female with SchH1. Large for a female, she 58CM and weighs 32KG. She is tested for AD with good scoring and has excellent results for hips and elbow.

The sire of this dog was put to work for many year by the Bomb Detection Unit of the state government. The breeder of the sire wanted to retain the unique ability of the dog, as such a special request was put to approve a breeding to obtain puppies from this dog. It was true enough that the litter constituted of excellent working dog such as this female.

You can view the videos of this puppies during the daily play session, taken just one day before flying from Germany.  The 5 degrees celcius temperature could b  a challenge for the handlers, but does not bother the puppies at all. They are just fully focused on playing and working with their handlers.

The power and bite grip of the puppy is truly evident even at this early age.

The focus and drive for play of this puppy shows the high level of trainability and willingness to engage in work.

Judging from the parents lineage there is no question on the potential of these puppies. They are full of drive, well poised and confident of themselves.