Border Patrol Puppies

Thinking about energetic powerhouse and good nerves, nothing can come quite close to these puppies. It was not easy for us to source the puppies from this litter. Demands from all over the world came to our principal. Thanks to our continuous joint-breeding program agreements we were lucky to secure these puppies for the Malaysian soil. The drive for play is a persevering instinct with these puppies. And yet there are so intelligent and lively knowing how to socialize with humans.

Below are some photos taken during the raising of this litter after birth. Only the Long Coat Sable and Black puppies are imported to Malaysia. You can see the careful hand-raising of these puppies to meet the demands of Police work through exposure to public, climbing stairs and crossing bridges. It is not only to essential to give the right exposure, but more important is to give it at the right moment.



Below is the picture of the sire of this litter at the training ground. He is the next generation from the East German Border Patrol. He is a muscular dog with very high ability for work. He has been very consistent in winning many competition with high points. His direct ancestors have been part of BSP 2007 and WUSV 2005.


Some notable facts of the sire are as below:

  • He is a massive 65cm and 40kg
  • Has been rated for Korklasse 2
  • He has undergone show review and been graded “G”
  • The hips and elbow has both been rated as normal with stamp in the pedigree
  • Most importantly he has SchH3 for working title.

The video is a preview of this dog’s protection ability. His untiring energy for work coupled with high aggression is an important trait to be passed down to the puppies.

Based on the videos of the puppies below It is quite obvious that the traits of the sire have been handed down.


The “Black Beauty” from West Germany apart from her apparent beauty, she has won many titles as proof of her working abilities. Carrying a compact body she very good conformance and an awesome coat that turns out very well during all four seasons.


Some notable facts of the dam are as below:

  • He is a massive 58cm and 30kg
  • Has been rated for Korung 1
  • He has undergone show review and been graded “SG” as proof of her beauty
  • The hips and elbow has both been rated as normal with stamp in the pedigree
  • Most importantly he has SchH3 for working title.


You can view the male puppy at 4 months has already developed the right reflexes towards becoming a working dog. Of course careful attention has been put to raise the dogs in the right manner.

Though smaller than the male, this female’s talent is beginning to shine as she grows up. She goes in full speed powered by her high prey drive to put up a fight, which is an indication of a talented protection dog.

Below are the videos of the puppies during their stay in KLIA quarantine. Though just few days in Malaysia and in new surroundings, you can see it for yourself as to how confident and active they are.

Very clear and balanced temperament, they are full of energy and drive.

As can be seen through the photos and pictures, both are proven as perfect working dogs as the right introduction have been given from few weeks old to build the confidence and the character of these puppies. As of now they are 5 months old and fully vaccinated. Interested owners can call us. The price offered is only valid for one month. As they start growing up the price of these puppies will increase as their working abilities will also be improving in time. This will also be the best time for owners to own the puppies as early contact will be good to build the bond.