Young Female (Black and Tan)

By far this is the best young female that we have sourced for the last one year. Everything about this dog is big and pronounced. She is just about 2 years but has undergone nearly a year of civil protection work with the owner. The training and handling of this dog in Malaysia can be seen further down on this page.

Some of the traits of this dog worth taking note

  • Coming from an excellent bloodline of working dogs, she has good nerves and temperament
  • Weighing 38kg and 58cm full of muscle she has an impressive head and body equaling that of a male dog.
  • Never ending drive to work, she has the ability to cope with high levels of stress
  • Has very good drive for play with the ball thus carrying the trait for high trainability
  • She grew up with family as such has no aggression towards children of women
  • She has passed hips and elbow x-rays with good ratings and hence the pedigree stamped with the results

Black and Tan Female

Her potentials can be further developed with the new owner so that she can made fit for the role as a protection dog in the house. The videos below are testimony of protection work ability of this dog. With some familiarization in the new owner’s home she can be a good family and a personal security guard.

Bite work on indimitation

Bite work during courage test

Bite work on attack

A dog with such good combination of quality is indeed rare. Once the dog has settled down in the new owner’s home, the owner can begin some obedience and protection work to season the dog as both a pet and a protection dog.

Handover Sessions with the new owner

As usual nothing is complete until the dog is safely handed over in the hands of the new owner. Below are the photos and videos of the dog during the handover sessions. We are indeed very impressed with the dedication and commitment of the handler in follow up sessions.

Fiji Obedience and Protection

Very promising improvements can be seen between different sessions. The use of various dog training and handling equipment helped in accelerating the learning process and made the sessions much more fun.

As can be seen both the dog and the new owner have spend a lot of time practicing obedience and protection routines. The handler has successfully build a good contact with the dog. This can be seen in the improvements seen in the videos above.