Oversized Male (Bi Color)

A hard dog with with muscular built, is a real terror when it comes to doing bite work. Through his training, he has exhibited to be a promising dog for sports and police work. He is bred from very famous blood lines such as Waldwinkel,Leefdalhof and Adelegg to name a few.

The sire is a hard dog that has been ranked as top 10 in VDH, BSP, LGA and WUSV competitions in the last 3 years. Having said that, the sire has been one of the favourite studs in Germany now.

 Important facts about this dog:

  • 2 year old now fully grown, weighs 38kg and 64cm carrying inch to inch solid muscle in his body.
  • He has been x-rayed with good results for hips and elbow. Upon customer’ s request we can send it for ratings to be stamped in the pedigree.
  • Was living together with family, so he has no issues to get along with family.
  • Trained for civil obedience, he is totally at ease when commanded by the handler.

Below are some photos before and during our Training Sessions in Germany this year.

Oversized Bi Color Male

Protection Work

The video below shows advanced level of protection work done during training. His power and strength exhibited shows how developed his chest and neck muscles are for doing this work.

With this level of training, trespassers are sure to regret. His bite grips are full and firm. With never ending energy and positive aggression, you can view the dog just goes forward and forward when challenged.

Training in Germany

Below are some videos during our training in Germany. This dog has extreme aggression and yet an easy going personality. We had much fun training with him for Obedience and Protection as well.

Short Attack

Long Attack

Hand Over Sessions with the new owner

A true Protection, the dog already exhibits his guard traits within few days in the new owner’s home. As can be seen the owner takes great interest in learning and handling his new dog. The dog is full of drive and alert in his new environment and most importantly happy to work. The photos below show some of the shots taken during the first handover session.

Hades Handover

The video below shows how the owner has learnt quickly to groom and bond with his Protection Dog. We feel it is important to start out on the right foundation to familiarize with the dogs in the road to build a strong and lasting relationship. Only then the dog will do anything for his master.

The obedience sessions have begun and the dog is getting used with the commands given by the new owner. As can be seen the dog is full of attention and ever wanting to work.

We will update more pictures and videos as more trainings are completed.

Protection Session

More to come in soon…….