Young Black Female

Once in a while we are able find a superb breed stock like this female. Dark pigmented (solid black) female German Shepherd. She is 9 months old and standing at 35kg. Good health and sound mind to fit into as a working dog, family protection dog and even an opportunity for breeding program



We have done some test to evaluate the mental test on agility. She is extremely willing to work and excited to explore new ground. She has no fear and full of confidence.



On the same day we tested the dog for protection work scenarios where she has passed with flying colors. She is at a stable state of mind during courage test and is able to deliver powerful and yet calm bite. Her grip is firm and full while having a high threshold to withstand pain if challenged during a protection work.

For a dog that is 9 months, she is extremely attractive and highly potential for future possibilities. Always willing to please the handler and looking forward to human company. She is safe with child and family members and intelligent enough to carry herself with calm temperament.

We have special permission now to process documents to fly her from Germany any time within a month.