Maximus (Labrador)

Maximus (Max) is a 1 year Labrador with a great temperament full of potentails. However spoilt by the cozy condition of life he wanted to have everything for himself in the way he wanted it. So it was not an easy job to turn this dog around who has such strong impression from the past. Furthermore I took the dog during the rainy season which made it diffifult to train him outdoor on daily basis. As I saw Max had potentil for agility work, I wanted to bring that out to give him the exposure that he so much needed as all his energy was bottled up. We will be sharing more pictures and vides of handover sessions in coming weeks. So stay tune!

Maximum Labrador Retriever

Standing up to his breed’s speciality Max was sharp and learns fast. He know what is expected out of him, what was lacking his whether he wants to co-operate. But after applying our consist system of training, he was on track. Below are some of the videos of the command he has been trained. You will notice the last video clip was a bonus for him as I introduced him to agility. As the training duration was already taking longer due to the rainy season, there was only so much we could onboard him into agility. But this was good enough for him to pick up in such a short periof of time.

1. Sit


2. Down


3. Sit and Stay


4. Down and Stay


5. Stand and Stay


6. Sit and Come


7. Down and Come


8. Stand and Come


9. Sit Stand and Down from Different Positions


10 Heel


11 Stay Under Distraction


12 Cage


12 Agility