Toby (Toy Poodle)

Toby is a Toy Poddle less than one years old when he was sent for training. The owner had to train the dog for indoor potty training alongside with obedience. As he was an indoor pet not exposed to the excitement awaiting outdoor, initially he found it difficult to concentrate. But with consistency this dog started picking command quite fast. As opposed to large breeds, small or toy breeds are full of energy. So I modified the training system to suit the energy requirements of this dog.

1. Sit


2. Down


3. Sit and Stay


4. Down and Stay


5. Stand and Stay


6. Sit and Come


7. Down and Come


8. Stand and Come


9. Sit Stand and Down from Different Positions


10 Heel


11 Stay Under Distraction


12 Cage


Special Training

Toby was an highly energetic lad living indoor. So I deviced a system for him to be given a command to stay in a spot until further notice. This command is tremendously helpful for indoor pet dogs.

13 Place