Dog Cages

Most owners find out at the last minute that they should have bought a cage or build a kennel for their dog. By that time the dog is 10 to 12 months and perhaps would have done enough damage around your home that getting a cage or building a kennel now would not be worth it. So always plan ahead before having a dog regardless of the breed. You may want to read my article on Concerns of a dog owner where I had emphasized on the issues of ownership.


Advantages of having a cage for your dog from puppy certainly brings about a lot of benefits for the dog, for you and your neighbours.

  1. Familiarize the dog to a cage home and neutralizing againts any problems associated with clausthrophobia.
  2. Keeping the dog in a safe environment to protect it from rain and heat
  3. Providing the dog a “den” where it gets to eat its meal.
  4. Sleeping and resting “den” where the dog can recover from any stress or tiredness.
  5. A safe zone to keep your dog safe from dog thieves when the owner is out from home.

Design, Building and Fabrication

The list goes on. There is nothing but benefit about providing a cage or kennel for your dog. Therefore for concerned owners we extend our services to custom build dog cages and kennels which we outsource to our panel contractor. The team consist of a professional engineers, draughtsmans and technicians. We take into considerations factors such as lighting, ventilation, safety, mobility, drainage, material strength and any special requirements.


As these cages or kennels are custom designed and built, the price can vary from RM2,000 to RM3,000 for dog cages and RM5,000 to RM30,000 for dog kennels. The price will be higher than those found elsewhere due to the use of high grade materials which comes with lifetime warranty in addtition to customization and personalization works. However we do provide professional quotations for genuine customers. The quotation will consist of bill of material specifications, diagrams and pricing. The quotation preparation is done through a 3 step process as follows

  1. Site visit and cage or kennel requirement gathering by Westerwald Kennel
  2. Site survey and requirement verification by Westerwald Kennel panel contractor.
  3. Submission of quotation to customer by Westerwald Kennel panel contractor.

As it can be observed, the work of preparing a quotation involved substantial amount of professional work, we charge a service fee of RM100 when the site visit is carried out the first time. The customer will be given a receipt on the spot to indicate the tentative dates for site survey and submission of quotation.

Sample Designs

The photos below shows some of the cages that we have built for customers. The photos are showed for illustration purposes only.

Dog Cages