Adult Male Dutch Malinois

Patience does pay off eventually. It took us sometime to source and identify a dog well suited for both as a home pet and as a personal protection dog, the ideal Crime Busting Canine (CBC). With little exposure to sports work it has undergone basic obedience which makes handling it a little easier. Born with natural aggression and defense drive, he is a balanced character as a home protection dog.

 Direct descendant of famous KNPV dogs, he belongs to the grand bloodline of the Dutch Police breeding. His Sire is directly from the direct breeding of one of the top Malinois kennels in Europe called Perle de Tourbière from Nederland.

Dutch Malinois


Some of the facts worth noting about this dog

  • He will be the only Malinois in fact a Dutch Malinois dog from the NHSB breed registraion of Nederland
  • First generation of Perle de Tourbière breeding, he is from the mix lineage of dogs graded for IPO and PH
  • His sire is a direct progeny of a Tervuren with PH2. A rare member of the Belgian breed and with excellent scoring of 434 for PH1 and 450 for PH2
  • X-ray results of both hips and elbow are graded very good
  • Has undergone serious training as personal protection dog where bite attacks are targeted at whole body
  • Grew up indoor half the time with other dogs and family, he is not dog aggressive and safe with kids. This again I have to qualify further it depends on the handling method of the new owner on maintaining a healthy pecking order in the family.
  • He has a smooth short haired tan coloured coat which makes is easy for caring and grooming.

Below are bite videos taken few weeks before the dog flew from Germany. The dog is well conditioned and ready to work for Security work or as a Home Protection dog.

Attacking on intimidation with Police Muzzle

It is clearly visible that this dog despite been hit and negative stress applied, still stands its ground and goes forward to attack the aggressor.


Attacking on intimidation with Police Bite Suite

Regardless of whatever threat in any situation, he will protect the handler or owner provided handled correctly. The video above shows that he can released on command to wade off an approaching aggressor. It goes without saying that we have to spend a little time with the new owner or handler to get him accustomed to handle this dog.