Oversized Male GSD – Sold

A highly trained young male with a strong and big boned muscle structure from a bloodline of dogs with extreme working abilities that rank top in the Sieger Shows in Germany in the last 10 years. All the reason for him to be one of the training dogs in the Police Academy. This dog has everything needed for a dog to be on the competition field and as a loving pet at home. Socialized well from puppyhood, he has no dog aggression and knows well how to interact with woman and children. He exhibits  raw power during protection work and does not back off despite receiving any beating or even gunshots. While undergoing training in the academy, the handler had also trained the dog in the high sports to win a BH working title. Now the dog has been prepared for IPO1.

K9 Male GSD

The dog being an all rounder, all the more the reason  it is interesting to know some important facts about him

  • His colour is the famous Black and Tan.
  • He is 2 years old male with a matured and yet pleasing head.
  • Weight 38kg and stands 64.50cm high making him an oversized GSD
  • For breed survey he has won the SG title to posses physical outlook to have high level of conformation to the breed standards.
  • Has been successfully been titled with the working line title BH thus having strong foundation training in Obedience. Now the dog has been prepared for IPO1 and is able to carry out the routines for that level. The videos below show the ability of this dog as a IPO1 Protection Dog.
  • With HD and ED normal, has scored very good in hips and elbow rating in xray, thus stamped in the pedigree as FREE of hip and elbow displasia.

The videos below show the traits of this dog as a good pet in the home and when intimidated or challenged with unleash the Police Dog trait in him. He is very happy to work and most importantly enjoys every moment of live. We had also done some protection work using gun shots to demonstrate the strong nerves of this dog.


1. Life at Home

This video was taken to show the calm and pleasing character of this dog while at home adjusting himself well in the presence of humans.

2. Travelling

Notice how easy the dog is when it comes to travelling together in the vehicle.

He is ever willing to jump in and jump out of the car with no conflict as to where he is heading.

3. IPO1 Protection Session

The video below shows the readiness of the dog to carry out the IPO1 Protection routine which includes searching for the hidden aggressor and apprehending him in pursuit when he tries to flee.

4.  Protection Session (Intimidation with gun shots)

With the owner by the side the aggressor intimidates the dog and challenges. The dog does not back off and when attacking the aggressor gunshots neither deter nor reduce the intensity of the attack.

5.  Protection Session (Release for long attack with gun shots)

Another bite work routine when the dog is released to launch an attack on the aggressor who fires gunshots at this dog. In total 5 gunshots have been fired but the dog still does not release the grip that it has on the aggressor.

This is a perfect dog for owners to have as a pet, and guard that knows no fear or pain. He has a balanced temperament which is important in making him a dog loved by the family and feared by the strangers. Being an exception talented dog we have a simple condition for the new owner. Once owned by the new owner, Westerwald Kennel would wish to have the accessibility to the dog in terms of training and competing him in championship within this region. This could be once a year kind of arrangement. His medical records are in order. Upon receiving full payment the dog is ready to fly from Germany.