Imported GSD Puppy

This puppy is from our exclusive breeding program to selectively breed from East German Border Patrol bloodline. Through lengthy sourcing process and selective breeding strategy we have successfully bred puppies with qualities of idealized working-line German Shepherds. Imported from East Germany, this pup has reached 6 months now and have been micro-chipped and vaccinated.

East German Puppy


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The finest of our breeding stock, this pup has great talent and potential. Has developed strong bone structure and dark pigmentation. With balanced temperament and fully confident to explore new grounds on her own, she is well suited for family protection, dog-sports and law enforcement. She is full of energy and incredibly powerful. Just waiting to burst out from her kennels to wreak havoc to anything on her path!!!

We now offer this pup from an almost extinct bloodline, for the Malaysian dog owners. Along with her littermates she will be the foundation of future East German Border Patrol GSD bloodline in Malaysia. As Professional Breeders with the best interest of the breed, we require breeding rights in the future. She is now already trained with basic obedience and you will be thrilled to see how easily she can out-perform even the well-trained adult dogs.