Harry (Doberman)

Harry is a 1 year Doberman with a very good temperament but with very bad manners. High energy dog with total lack of focus. So imagine the challenge of handling this kind of dog. But the owner who was overly concerned about the duration of training, kept on pestering me as to when can the dog can come back home. So I had to speed up the training to the extent that the dog was getting confused couple of time. This is why I advice owners that the training period is usually one month. But depending on the learning curve of the dog it may vary. After accessing Harry well, I decided that a dog with higher level of unfocusness, needs full-proofing training system. Therefore I purposely increased the complexity of each session gradually and added more distractions. You can view the training clips below on the commands the dog had been trained.

1. Sit


2. Down


3. Sit and Stay


4. Down and Stay


4. Stand and Stay


5. Sit and Come


6. Down and Come


7. Stand and Come


8. Heel


9. Stay Under Distraction


11. Cage

You will notice that my training system for this dog was full-proof. I purposely introduced distractions such, people walking and sitting around, dog barking at one side and horse grazing at the other side and very annoying noise of motorcycle engine. And yet he was still under control. The last few clips might not be clear as the day was getting dark.