Dog training was my favourite past time. I enjoyed it and had fun all through the session of getting the dog to perform a piece of work and my favourite since my childhood has been German Shepherd. That has always been my passion and spirit. This deep rooted spirit was so powerful that it connected me to the origin of the German Shepherd itself, Germany. I feel it was my genuine interest and dedicated work that somehow bridged me to the roots itself. I was lucky enough to be noticed by a senior trainer in Germany who runs a kennel to train dogs for very specialized purposes. We saw the potential in working together. Since then we established a strong working relationship by engaging their kennel  as the principle partner of Shaferhunde Vom Westerwald. Even the name was given by our principle. Though much of my knowledge and skills are built upon my own experience, I occasionally refer to my principle for guidance. Slowly and steadily Westerwald Kennel is making more progress in Malaysia.

Abit about Westerwald. It ‘s beautiful country side in Hessen. When I was Mittenaar in 2009, I used to travel to Herborn which is the foothill of Westerwald. There is famous butchery in Herborn where my friend and I will get our bread and sausage. I will request him to drive through the longer route back to Mittenaar via Westerwald. The village houses and snow capped trees (even during summer) are sights not to be forgotten in one’s life. Cool breeze and warm tickling sun rays are nature’s way of combining elements of opposite nature to company anyone passing by Westerwald. Sights of deers grazing amidst tall trees and snowspread forest floor is another reminder of Westerwald’s very narrow selection of fauna. These are words from my heart as how I have seen, felt and realized Westerwald. Though it has nothing to do with dog training, I imbibe the spirit in me. After all the name of my kennel must be something personal to me.

Im including here a short clipf of Westerwald from the a hill at Herborn. I was there with my friend who was training his dog for Schutzhund 3 Tracking. While we were preparing the track scent, I thought I should take video of Westerwald. The viewcam’s battery did not last long. So it’s a pretty short and unprofessionally taken video.

Whent I attended a competition in Allendorf on March 2009, I saw very few or none of the kennels from Westerwald. Later I realized that not many training kennels exisit in Westerwald. Westerwald is endowed with the gift of producing excellect German Shepherd through age old traditional selective breeding, though shaping the dogs into proven working adults are usually done elsewhere. I had not the chance and time to visit the breeding kennels in Westerwald. Maybe the next time I will make it a point.