Free Puppy Care Program

This is the most valuable of all the services that we provide because it’s as long as 10 months and plus it’s free. So how do you enroll for this program. Like I have said before things that you see in our website can never be found anywhere esle. It is purely based on our years of experience in training dogs. A year ago we came to a conclusion that dogs need preliminary preparation before the actual training starts. This is due to the fact that out Level 1 Home Obedience will be at least 4 weeks and the dogs must have the stamina to follow through the whole session. Some dogs come totally unprepared. They are in the state of shock and just don’t respond well for atleast the first week. That’s alot of training time wasted. For instance a dog that is not used to be in cage, totally freaks out when I attempt to put it inside a training box or kennel. The sound of kennel door and the closed enclosure of a training box is usually a factor of fear for most dogs. There a lot of things that the owner needs to look into before sending the dog for training. I cannot emphasize this more. This is to ensure that the dog has less level of stress to deal with in a new environment doing things that it was not required to do otherwise.


It is simple to enroll for this program. The earlier the better. You need to book in advance for the Level 1 Home Obedience  training. Immediately you are part of the program. We also do have group session for the owners who have registered their dogs for this program. The monent you are part of this program we will visit your home and give a list of checklist on the do(s) and dont(s) to ensure that you are raising your puppy the right way. We will guide you in every way possible to ensure your puppy grows up and is brought up to serve you as a wonderful pet or whatever noble purpose you have got that puppy for.



Once your part of this puppy care program you are entitled for the following benefits.

  1. 24 hour support call for enquiries on caring and handling of puppy
  2. Flat rate of RM100 to transport the dog to any veterinarian clinic within Klang Valley
  3. Monthly home visit to guide owner on puppy caring issues at home
  4. Puppy selection assistance if you don’t have a puppy yet
  5. Socialization with other puppies depending on availability
  6. Caring manual with do’s and don’t of a puppy save environment

This are some of the written benefits that you will enjoy with us. We do our work for the love of it. So don’t worry if there are more things that we can offer, we will do it for your puppy by all means.

Special Consideration

For owners who wish to train their dogs later for guarding and protection purpose, this program works very well. You must understand a dog’s mental outlook is not formed in a day. I cannot stressed this more. A dog does not learn about its environment and role a day or a week or even a month or two. It takes month to form the dog’s mindset. And for special purpose dogs like this, it starts from puppyhood. There are many GSD(s) and Rottweilers after completing the Level 1 Home Obedience program I have not proceeded with Level 2 Home Protection. Owners keep on asking me why don’t I proceed. Ironically I  see that these dogs are potentional candidate for my Level 2 Home Protection. But because the owners have not followed and applied the correct methods in raising their puppies, it will be take months for me to re-condition the dogs. That will be expensive for the owner as well. Therefore in the best interest of the owners from financial point and the best interest of the dogs from the stress point it is alot easier to raise the puppies with right attitude from day one.