Zety (German Sheperd)

Zety is a female German Sheperd of 2 years old. I chose to put up this dog’s training video to show a dog which has little play drive not like Roger who had high interest for ball. The dog virtuallyhad no prey and play drive. So I had to use food reward technique to get this dog into the routine of training. Zety already had exhibited problems with defective hip. So the training system was customized to reduce much work on running. I felt perhaps this dog did not want to play and do all the running due to the pain it was going through in its hips. This can be observed with with posture the dog assumes when it sits or lie down. Unlike Sheeba who had a much worse hip condition had serious interest for ball and play which you can see in its video gallery.

1. Sit


2. Down


3. Sit and Stay


4. Down and Stay


5. Sit and Come


6. Down and Come


7. Heel


8. Cage

Special Training

As the owner of this dog had a pick-up truck, the dog will be carried on the truck when travelling. However as this dog has fear of height and pain in the hips when carried or lifted, it dislikes having to enter the space at the rear-end of the pick-up truck. So I had to train the dog slowly and steadily on the art of jumping and to root-out fear of height. As this was a dog with reduced temperament, it took some time but eventually the dog was able to carry out the action upon given the command.

9. Hop