Local Training

Physical Conditiong

Running is always fun for dogs. The video below in on physical conditioning for the dog to improve fitness and stamina while maintaining obedience

Though the dog is not yet fully expose to this routine, notice he is mentally stable in a public area and ever willing to run together the bicycle.



KNPV dogs are always full of drive. So getting them to do tracking is not that easy cause they can’t contain their drive to do nose work which requires a lot of calmness. Below is the still elementary training done for this dog to get him to understand the work.

But he is able to get the idea and concentrate well despite too many distractions and the heat of the morning 8AM sun. More will follow in coming weeks.



This training was done after achieving maximum climatization for this dog. He is now perfectly at home even at 30 degress celcius when this training was done. His drive and focus is just as good as he would be in a cold and dry climate.



You can refer to our Gallery where I had started with nose work for this dog in Germany. Now you can view part of the full video clip on the progress made so far here in Malaysia.

This dog now has been trained (with the reward system in place) to complete a Schutzhund 1 Tracking all by our own effort. By now I can retrain this capability of this dog for other scent detection related work.



This video shows on the send away command that is the last part of  SchH1 trials.



We in the midst of preparing this dog for SchH1 protection with various training technique and systems used to develop drive for protection work done with firmness coupled with calmness.

This video shows how the dog is now very close to  completing the protection phase of holding suspect at the scene of crime

Second round done with much better precision and control


Level 1 Home Obedience

This is a preview on the combination of simple commands learnt by the dog in order to understand a complex instruction to be sent to his cage.

More to come soon...


Conditioning Training

There will be more training session with this KNPV Dutch Malinois as time goes. It's an ultimate working dog that knows no meaning to the phrase "let's call it a day".