All good times come to an end, this time only to return again. Yes, we will have another seminar few months down the road. In fact the responses and the feedback demands for it. At the end of the 3rd day, it was graduation for all the participants. We had lined all the teams for different photo shoots before handing out the certificates. We are extremely grateful for the attendance of the MBPJ councilor to attend and inaugurate the seminar. We are also delighted that we agreed to handout the certificate to the participants.

Seminar Appreciation


All the participants have benefited from the seminar in one way or the other. This had been a monumental event for this year and we plan to have an event even more larger than this in years to come in order to benefit the dog owner’s community in Malaysia. We have to thank our Westerwald Kennel Team and all the participants for all the support given to make this event a truly memorable one.