Young Male (Protection Dog) – Sold

This is a typical dog that is prepared for Police work. He is trained with basic obedience and exposed in various protection work routines. Still growing and forming his character he is able to suit well in any home as a family and protection dog.

Young Male for Home Protection


Interesting facts about this dog

  • He is 1 1/2 years having gone through professional hand raising
  • Very impressive hips and elbow x-ray results with stable spine and vertebrae, perfect mounted scapula with a broad chest
  • He weighs 30kg with a height of 65cm, slightly more than medium sized
  • Very calm and gentle with kids and female as it is a family oriented dog.

Socialization Training

This video was taken when the dog was 11 months. The dog has a very stable temperament and always wants to please the handler. He is also very sure and confident  about his environment.

Protection Training

This video is on the typical police dog test carried out to evaluate a dog. It was take when the dog was 11 months. It can be seen that the dog has no fear in the dark room test to search and find an article. He is able to jump easily as his bone structure very strong. When intimidated he gives no chance and launches a powerful attack. He also passed in the gun-shot test with no back-off only going forward and with a strong bite grip without releasing the aggressor.

The video below was taken during a Civil Protection work. Though the dog is young his abilities to be a personal protection dog is unquestionable. He is very confident in performing his duties despite threatened by the aggressor.

The dog’s medical record is up to date. So upon full payment he is ready to fly from Germany.