Ico (Rottweiler)

Ico was a 21 months old Rottweiler really standing up to the impression people have about his breed. When the owners called me, they were really worried with Ico’s behaviour being aggressive. Even I was cautious and was nearly dropping to accept the request for taking in the dog for training due to his temperamental character. Believe me, I am serious when I say this. I certainly don’t want to be bitten by a 55KG Rottweiler with an attitude problem. We could not even get him into the training box before I could drive him back. So the approach for this kind of dog is totally different. It also took me,  nearly 2 months to complete the Level 1 Home Obedience. The ultimate goal is to neutralize and desensitize this dogs against all distractions and potential aggresions. But I am glad the dog came under full control at the end of the session. You wil also notice that this dog this dog is heat prone which is predominantly a problem with over-sized dogs. That is why I encourage my customers to own a medium or smaller sized large breed dog than an oversized one within the same breed. The energy level of a genetically smaller sized GSD, Rottweiler or Doberman compared to an oversized one is so much different. The bigger ones build up heat alot faster. This is very obvious when you see the small and toy breed clips in my training where it seems as if those dogs just never tire at all.

1. Sit

2. Down

3. Sit and Stay

4. Down and Stay

5. Stand and Stay

6. Sit and Come

7. Down and Come

8. Stand and Come

8. Sit  Stand and Down from Different Positions

9 Heel

10 Stay Under Distraction

11 Cage


Special Training

As this dog belongs to a family and requires handling at all times, it had to be trained to accept being handled in different ways. The clips below guide the owner as to how the dog can be handled for different purposes.

12 Grooming

13 Bathing

14 Wearing of Equipment