Roger (Siberian Husky)

Roger is a one year old Siberian Husky. If there’s a breed that really needs training , I would say for sure it has to be Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. My experience handling dogs of these breeds is they are very highly energetic dogs that atre in the wrong climate zone. Furthermore it’s comparatively a new breed in equatorial climate and thus having an advantage of not being widely inbred. But as these dogs have been bred for many generations to work on pulling sledges for long distances, they just love running and that it all they do for well. In addition to that, being a decesendant of Spitz bloodline, the obedience is almost sub-zero very much like the climate from where they originate. I always have challenges with thesse kind of breeds. When I picked up Roger for training I could smell the odour of him having skin related disease. I highlighted this to the owner. But he was not aware of this.

So later when training commenced, the skin disease if left untreated will worsen and affect the dog’s coat. So I brought him to the vet in UPM where Westerwald Kennel has a corporate account, to receive proper treatment. Thereonward while the training was progressing, I treated him for this disease. Roger had developed Yeast Infection. So he required to be bathed with special medicated shampoo, orally treated with medication and topically treated with creams and ear drops. In two weeks I got his condition undercontrol. So end of the day, the owner got back a trained dog and a healthy dog.


1. Sit


2. Down


3. Sit and Stay


4. Down and Stay


5. Sit and Come


6. Down and Come


7. Heel


8. Cage


Special Care

The following video is taken to demonstrate to the owner as to how the various treatment and care is to be continued by the owner upon returning the dog after completion of training. I had edited the videos so that the maximum length will not exceed 3 minutes. This is to save internet speed and stoage space for that I could include more videos of other training.

1. Treatment Shower

2. Ear Drop Application

3. Cream Application

4. Drug Administration

5. Tonic Supplementation

6. Grooming