Dog Training and Handling Seminar 2011

As visioned by us, this seminar turned out to be the seminar of the year. We received a wonderful response from both the government, private sectors and the general public alike. It was good that we had prepared for the event by allocating sufficient resources to handle the 3 day session. I have to rejoice that it was a success of a great magnitude. For information about the daily activities you can refer to the link coverĀ  the details of the seminar. As promised apart from the presence of our principal we had lined up a wide array of dog training and handling equipments for sale. We exposed the participants to a variety of training techniques that were both from the old and new schools of thought together with the application of right kind of training equipment. As I always emphasize, good training techniques and methods must be accompanied by the suitable equipments until the dog is perfectly stable to grasp on what it is been trained on. This was observed, practiced and realized during these 3 days by the participants. So it was a hands-on approach to first educate the owners and handlers at the same time when the dogs are been trained. We have shared some of the photos taken during the course of the seminar in the links under this section for the following reasons. One is for the purpose of the general public to view and understand on the work that we had carried out during the seminar. And the other is for the participants to view the photos of the training that they had undergone to remind them and help them in recalling the techniques that they were thought. If you want to talk about one successful seminar, this IS IT, not only in terms of turn-up but also achieving the objectives.