Protection Phase

The most awaited session everyday undoubtedly. However, not all dogs and owners were prepared for this. But certainly it was worth it for the novice to learn as to how they dogs can be started out in the protection work. For the dogs that have learn protection work before, it was good to see how the shortcomings were worked on during the seminar. Unlike obedience, protection has to be done while the dog is still at the optimum physically and mentally. So we have to go on a round-robin fashion to work on each dog while giving opportunity for the other dogs to rest.


Seminar Protection

We had good opportunity to build aggression for starters that required to do home guarding. Those present would have seen the number of equipments that we had to use to training and guide the dogs in order for them to start and progress in the direction. We had some dogs exhibiting negative aggression, something which is totally unhealthy for protection work. Those dogs were worked on to be either corrected or their aggression diverted to dissipate the negative energy. But two days were sufficient and their owners and handlers have been advised as to how this exercise should be extended. This session was also a good viewer session since trained dogs from the K9 units were able to demonstrate good working ability. This was indeed a breathtaking sight for all of us.