Toby – Belgian Malinois

This is view preview of training done for this Belgian Malinois. He is a very fit, healthy and strong dog that now enjoys training and ever willing to work with the owner.

In short period of time he has learnt take advantage of natural built and structure for agility based activities.


Toby is a Belgian Malinois who initially had limited exposure to the world outside the walls of his home. I noted he had heightened level of dog aggression which was something dangerous for all around him considering his size and fitness level. His lack of co-operation in the beginning showed that he was still lacking in his human-dog relationship issues. However this was a new challenge which I took up personally to work on for the next one month. He turned out to be an excellent dog when it comes to responding to commands and temperament regardless of environment. As he progressed during the learning phase, I noticed him to be multi-talent dog. So I took this opportunity to incorporate advanced routine to develop other spheres in the training program.

Photo gallery below show some of our handover sessions after the dog was thoroughly trained and handed over to the owner.

Maximum Labrador Retriever


Below are videos during handover sessions with the owner. Both owner and dog can be seen improving in engagement which shows the success of the training system that was put in place to build up the character. The credit also goes to the owner who has diligently worked on practicing and perfecting the routines with the dog over the weeks after we have handed  over the dog.


It can be clearly seen how well the dog has suited itself to the ways of his master during our follow up sessions.


The videos below are testimony of how the dog has been trained to respond for various commands. You will notice the training was purely based on positive reinforcement which improves the dog during every session.


1. Sit


2. Down


3. Sit and Stay


4. Down and Stay


5. Stand and Stay


6. Sit and Come


7. Down and Come


8. Stand and Come


9. Sit Stand and Down from Different Positions


10 Heel


11 Stay Under Distraction


12 Cage


The videos below were based on additional training done to enhance the ability of this dog from the normal level as I witness a lot potential with him. He was well conditioned through various training routines to be a all rounder. Engagement with this dog now has been improved opening up the possibility for higher levels of training.

13 Play Reward


14 Up Hill


15 Down Hill


16 Unstable Ground