Young Female (Protection Dog) – Sold

A young female with strong bones and excellent protection drive. Medium built and very alert, she is a perfect dog for sports, protection and family. She was trained from puppy to be home obedient and yet maintain all the characteristics of a working dog. We have imported her half sister before which we had trained and supplied to the Malaysian Prison. Check the Prison K9 gallery to view her half sisters protection abilities. This dogs has all the qualities that her sister has only much more as she had undergone more training on the Protection Phase.

Protection Female

Interesting facts about this dog

  • She is 1 1/2 years pure working line Black and Tan female which is very rare now. This will be the first from the Black and Tan female working-dog GSD in Malaysia.
  • Excellent bloodline, the sire is none other than Javir vom Talka Marda. He is a legendary dog among the working-line GSD in the world winning to 5 position consecutively in German and World Championship in the last 5 years.
  • Very impressive hips and elbow x-ray results with compact body size suitable for high endurance activities.
  • He weighs 30kg with a height of 60cm, a perfect size for a female.
  • Extremely high drive when it comes to play and training and yet she is very calm and gentle with other dogs and children.

Protection Training (In door)

This dog is trained to do the protection work indoor and outdoor to build a balanced and consistent aggression regardless of environment. The protection videos here are testimony of the training done to show the capabilities of this dog.

Long Run Attack

The video below shows the attach work done by the dog when release to attack an aggressor standing away. Her barking is loud and very strong indicating that she means serious business.

Short Attack

This video shows how the dog does not step down in aggression even in close quarters when the dog is intimidated.

Protection Training (Outdoor)

The training below shows the confidence level of this dog outdoor doing close quarter attack, long run attacks and powerful grips despite all the distractions and uncertainties around her. She still maintains focus in her protection work.

The dog is fully vaccinated and has all medical records in place. So upon full payment he is ready to fly from Germany in month time.