Pitbull (Coming soon…)

Marshall’s training started earlier than 1 year old as he was developing a dominant character that of a typical Pitbull. As much as he is a Pitbull he was a loving dog who was a cuddling pet for the children in the house. Training Marshall was not a small feat. He was a very alert dog, always on high drive and having a mind of his own to continually outsmart whatever techniques you apply on him. But our training system has a solution for any dog and in two weeks he was on track and got the idea of obedience and even foundation for protection work.


It was amazing to see how a Pitbull has so much drive to please the owner and the fitness level to take on the challenges of extreme sports. I took the time to test him out on agility and he passed it with flying colours. We will be sharing more pictures and vides of handover sessions in coming weeks. So Stay tune!