Our Kennels

My kennels are usually used for my customers’ dogs that are sent for training. However I do use it regularly for imported dogs that are stationed in my kennels before I send them to the customers’ home. Once the import dog is sourced and checked for quality compliance, upon passing our quality assurance test, it is transported to my principal’s kennels. Usually the dog will stationed for a week in my principal’s kennel before flying to Malaysia. Upon completing one week of quarantine the dog will be transported to my kennel or customer’s home depending on request. Apart from that, occassionaly depending on capacity I also use my kennels for boarding purposes for my customers who will be away from home for longer period of time. Regardsless of the purpose, I instill proper behaviours into the dogs when they are in my kennels. Feeding, walking, playing and toilet habits are part of the daily activities I insist every dog to go through whether it likes it or not.