Let’s Walk the Talk

Posted by admin | Posted in Let’s walk the talk | Posted on 25-01-2010


Many a time I get dogs for training that have never been walked by the owner before. They either remain in their cages, roam free around their homes or tied to a chain all day long. All of these are better than not letting the dog roam and terrorize the neighbourhood. But the timing is important. But the most important factor of it all is walking your dog. Three important things about this. First, your dog and yourself get a bit of exercise. In the process you build a good relationship with your dog. Lastly it helps abit to potty train your dog. You can tie your dog to a chain, but should be sparingly done on for a trained Guard Dog and Security Dog. Take note of that as chaining dogs to a spot comes with its host of other problems. Caging your dog is also good but should be done sparinly for a trained Guard Dog and Security Dog as well. Roaming around your home is a good thing, but should be done under your supervision for the normal breed. Anyway nothing beats the fact of walking your dog everyday or at least once in every few days. Dogs inheriting the traits from its canine ancesters enjoy walking long distance. It is also the way they establish pack order amongst the pack members. As a responsible owner you must start this when the dog is young. Quite too often I get dogs that have not been walked and as a result they just don’t know how to behave on the street. Imagine the effort of training and socializing these dogs.

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