Shaeferhunde Vom Westerwald (Westerwald Kennel)

Our kennel our are built outdoor to suit local conditions. As the dogs will be exposed to heat and rain constantly, it is built with consideration to allow maximum ventilation and at the sametime to protect from rain showers. All dogs are walked twice daily to ensure that they are exercised and are able to attend to nature’s call outside on the grass. Being in temperate climate we have to ensure that the kennels are always clean. So my training program includes routinizing the dogs to carry out the business on the grass and not inside the kennels.

Our Kennel

The kennels are washed every week with detergent and anti-tick solutions. But believe me no amount of washing can prevent your dog from getting ticks. This is usually due to the outdoor training sessions in the training field. Due to our weather condition where at times the temperatures soars to ridiculous 36 degress celcius, I make sure that the dogs are always provided with a bowl of water to constantly hydrate themselves.