How to choose a breeder?

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Dog breeding is a full time commitment. It does not start from the time the puppies are born. In fact it starts right from the time you look for a mating stud or bitch in heat. Everything has to be right. The selection of the dogs from the aspect of health and character needs to be carefully observed. Apart from that, the owner of the dog also has to be evaluated. This would give an indication on the health of the dog as to whether it has been taken care well.

 Now on the topic of choosing the right breeder, always have one thing in mind. Just by one look you will know whether a person or organization does it for the best interest of the breed or one’s own greed. So by one look at the premise you know whether it’s a breeder premise or puppy mill. Take note of the following factors when you look for puppies.

  • If you see too many puppies and dogs running around or present in the premises, you know you’re in a puppy mill. Ask the person in charge and he will tell you all the dogs are for sale. He will not have love for any of the dog in his place. Everything is for sale. This is not a good indication. A good breeder will evaluate a buyer before even entertaining him. He will be concern about the future of the puppy that he is about to sell. Too many dogs in the same area will also expose the puppies to many kind of infections during the initial stage of life.
  • If you see that the entire setup is managed by a maid/servant or even at times by foreigners, you can be sure that the owner is only concern about making money. The owner will not be interested in the wellbeing of the dogs since he had left everything in the hands of his worker. He will be living luxuriously away from the kennels not getting his hands dirty while gambling the future of the puppies at the mercy of the worker. He can be contacted by phone and will be present at the kennels upon request. When such is the case, you can be very sure that there was no quality assurance or proper measures taken right from the time of selecting the dogs to breeding and finally to the whelping of the puppies.
  • If the so-called breeder claims that he has the best dogs and yet is willing to give a very good discount and other free gifts to lure you to buy his puppies, just be aware. He would rather sell the puppies even before they are completely weaned, just to make profit. You buy the puppy because you have confidence on the breed and feel it will serve you the purpose for the rest of its life, not because you get perks out of the purchase.
  • Look for discipline and system in the way the breeder or trainer operates or runs his operations. The only way yo ensure that all factors pertaining to the dogs are taken care of is through a consistent approach in caring and handling the dogs. The trainer or breeder has to have such qualities in order to be a responsible breeder.
  • The breeder needs to have proper facilities and equipments for the purpose of caring and handling the puppies and dogs. If you don’t see any of it, you can be sure the owner is doing this for the purpose of making some pocket money and not willing to make proper investment. On the other hand note owners who say they have other branches. It would be homes belonging to their family members where they “park” the puppies temporarily before clearing the puppies from the “main” center. If the puppies are thrown about in such a distributed fashion, you can judge by yourself whether the owner can actually spend sufficient time for all of them. This also indicates the less importance of each puppy to the owner. If the puppies are of world class standards, I’m sure you won’t trust the puppies even in your own spouse’s care unless if he or she is as good as you.
  • The way the mating is done is very important. We believe in the spirit of healthy breeding where the bitch in heat should be given time and space to be introduced to the stud. Only then when she reaches the interestrous period, she will willingly stand to mate with the stud. This is the way our principal and us carry out breeding. I have personnaly seen very disturbing mating methods, where the bitch in heat is muzzled and the head tied down to a person while another person securing her tight on both her hind legs. The unknown stud is released to mount on her to begin copulation. The poor bitch goes through horror not knowing what is happening and in most instances not wanting to stand down. This act is not breeding, in fact it is nothing short of animal cruelty and a “rape” performed by the breeders. Scientifically sperms and ovums of such breeding does not carry true quality. The mental state of  both dogs during the mating should be given high importance.
  • A good breeder also does not compel you to buy the puppies of his breeding. He leaves it upto you. If it is a dog that you will be caring for the rest of its life, the decision has to come from your own conscience.
  • Animal midwifery is like playing the role of a grandparent. Just as how you must do what is right for your daughter and your grandchild, you must do the same for your dam and her puppies. It’s all about love and devotion. Tell me how many people in our country think and acts this way. We are so far away from the aptitude and atitude of the Europeans who have perfected this over generations. Talk is very cheap. A good breeder has little time to negotiate with you. He rather spend his time caring for his dam and puppies while waiting for a deserving buyer than sitting on a table negotiating with you for hours.

We agree that at the end of the day it is about making some profit. We can’t deny that. However the means to this should be given sufficient consideration. I fully believe that the relationship of the trainer or breeder does not end the moment the money changes hand, infact it only begins then.

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