Dogs for Sale

Our main work is training. So we do not deal much on selling dogs to our customer. The reason is because we do not breed as a result we do require to sell dogs. We do not do breeding simply due to the lack of healthy genetic pool of German Sheperd in Malaysia. 50 years ago this was not the case when the breed was newly introduced to Malaysia. Since then breeders were not concern about selective breeding. Everyone wanted to make money taking advantage of nature’s envitable occurance which is procreation. This gave rise to puppy mills, in-breeding and line-breeding completely destroying the genetic pool of German Sheperd. I feel we have a better genetic pool of Rottweilers and Belgian Malinois in Malaysia. Quite sadly Dobermann is heading to the fate as German Sheperd. In my working years in this industry, I have not seen one breeder who does breeding for the interest of the breed but rather for the interest of one’s own greed. Reading my arcticle on elective breeding and how it helps to create progenies with rugged genetic traits. The unethical breeding of German Sheperd in Malaysia had given rise to problems such as defective hip and elbows (read my article on Damage is Done), weak nerves, poor temperament and behavioural problems and many more. It has been so rampant to the extent that some people rule out that these defects are traits of German Sheperd when in actual case it is not.

Therefore I wish to do a favour for this wonderful breed in Malaysia by guiding the dog owner community to do the right thing. One of it is introducing dogs from very distant bloodline at least 4 generations apart to alienate the problems of inbreeding and linebreeding.  At the same time I also introduce dogs with excellent working abilities. It is a two fold objective. That is why I import dogs directly from my principal. Not any or every dog is imported. Only a dog with excellent bloodline is imported with the supporting documents. We usually import young and adult dogs that have complete growth. Young dogs don’t exhibit any defects at puppy stage. Only upon a year onwards do we start observing the potential or the defects in a dog. So you are assured that when you buy a dog from us, the quality assurance work is done all the way to ensure not only the owner gets what he deserves but also the breed in Malaysia gets what is seriouly needs.