Special Orders

Quite too often I get all kind of request from the Malaysian market. People ask for German Sheperd with long coat, short coat, box face, round face, bi-colour, white coat, big bone and the list goes on. Sometimes for Rottweilers, people ask for short muzzle, short tail or no tail and the list goes on here as well. I call all these traits as fancy requirements.

The most important factos is regardless of whatever requirements you have, first of all you must understand that a dog does not come out from an assembly line nor is it manufactured from a factory. It comes out of another dog's womb. Just like having your own baby, you accept it as how God or nature gives it to you. Though you will have some preferential traits, you can't expect your child to have it. Similarly for a dog, what is recommended for all the potential owners is to look out for character in the dog. The temperament and the drive to serve is more important than anything else. Furthermore in a puppy it is very difficult to foresee its physical appearance when it becomes an adult.  Be more concern about how you will care for the dog and the considerations you must have as the dog grows up. You may want to read my article Concerns of a dog owner. I hope dog owners will get some perspective from this article about dog ownership.

But we do understand that since customers are "shopping" for dogs and are paying for it they tend to have a wishlist. Therefore If you still want to look a dog with traits that you have in your mind we can still help you to fulfill their dreams. The customers are required to pay a booking fee of EURO1000 for us to source the dog. It will usually take upto 1 month to identify the dog in Germany or if necessary from other parts of Europe, preferably Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland. The booking fee is important for the customer to be committed to us as our principal will incur overhead costs in terms of fuel for long distant journeys and bills on long distant calls. Upon identifying the dog the balance is to be paid before the dog is flown to Malaysia. Usually for special orders like this, the dog will be between 6 to 10 months and the price will range between EURO2000 to EURO3000.