Background Checking

As I have mentioned about how rampant reckless breeding is carried out in this country in my article Selective Breeding, genuine owner or to-be owners have a taugh time looking for a good puppy. Reckless breeding has brought about so much of health and mental related prblem to dogs. Certainly they cannot see the future of the dog especially if the breeder is adept in giving a fantastic sales talk convincing the potential customer to buy the dog he is selling. When the cash has changed hands, then just forget about the deal after that. It is too late. Based on many complaints and feedback from owners, I decided that I should help the dog owner community in guiding them to source for the right dog based on health and temperament. So I started offering this service to customers. As more customers realized that this is a valuable service, I decided that I should add it to the list of service that we offer to the customers. We charge RM100 per visit. End of the day, I am happy that the owner has found the right dog and also most importantly the dog has found the right owner.

This is what we offer through this service.

1. We evaluate the health condition of the dog in terms of external and internal physical characteristics plus medical records.

2. We evaluate the temperament of the dog on its suitability for home and work requirements.

3. We check the bloodline of the dog as to the kind of dog it will eventually turn out to be. This is based on the pedigree and other records that we will seek from the breeder.

4. Also most importantly we check the validity of the pedigree itself against the microchip in relation with the parents of the dog.

5. The customer will receive an evaluation report in 24 hours following the visit.

As we are not affliated or associated with any breeder, we stand a neutral ground to provide all the details pertaining to the dog. The reports I provide is usually 80% accurate compared to what the dog will be once it grows up or once it is with the owner in months to come. Of course as I am not in anyway associated with Nostradamus, so I can’t predict the dog’s future 100%. Anything can happen in betwen. However at least the owner can be rest assured he has taken all the necessary steps in minimizing the risk of choosing the wrong kind of dog.