Adult DDR Female (Impregnated)

Import Dam

This impregnated female is a rare opportunity presented by our principle as a gift to us for a long standing relationship. In reciprocation, we extend this gift to our Malaysian owners who are into serious breeding. She comes from a pure working line bloodline with RSV pedigree papers. Very lean and muscular, she has the speed and agility of a sports dog and at the same time the power and bite force of a border patrol dog. She too was in the hands of home owners who did not develop her potentials as she was an overkill for normal householders.

Some facts worth noting about her are as below

  • She has a streamline compact body weighing at 32kg and 58cm.
  • Being 100% working line from RSV registered and strong descendant of DDR and East German bloodline.
  • Also a greenhorn, but very impressive bite work for a beginner.
  • Sire has SchH3 with SG for Show Review and Dam also has SchH3 V for Show Review and Kkl 2, extremely good combination.
  • She has DDR bloodline within the next generation including Austria which we have narrated further. She is the 2nd generation from the famous East German Police Dog that had won the International Service Dog Competition (IDM – Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft für Diensthundführer 5 consecutive year as top 5. The pictures can be found below.

DDR Female

Her ancestors were bred from the East German not by choice, but by virtue of restricted genetic pool before the Berlin Wall was brought down. During the 1980s when the East German and DDR bloodline had not the affiliation with SV which was centered in West Germany and not supportive of East German bloodline, many border petrol DDR dogs were bred without the pedigree issued by SV. And this dog’s ancestors are half of them. They all had extreme fighting drives and as such, after the Iron Curtain collapsed, SV took the opportunity to search and identify these dogs to be registered with new pedigree. The pictures of these dogs can be found in the gallery below. Click on the letter “i” in the Gallery to read narration of the dog show in the picture.

DDR Ancestors

Her ancestors were never bred for beauty as in current standards. They were bred based on ability to serve side by side with human and to posses perfect health to last through the demanding climate. This was ideal to form the fundamental genetic pools for most Protection Sports dog in later period. The Austrian offshoot of the bloodline had gone about winning many working-line titles in recent years.

Below are the latest videos of this female with very little training done. These tests served to verify her ability and untapped potentials.

1. Introduction to Bite Work

2. Progression to Bite In the Sleeve (Following Day)

She’s able to inflict a deep bite just through simple agitation. As can be seen in the video, every attempt of this dog is showing an improvement in drive and seriousness. It is also good that this level of working ability comes together with the gentle nature to live together with kids and family. But caution to be used when playing with training ball with kids around, as she may forget her strength when playing with them.

Male Stud

This female has just been mated with a full black male stud. This is an impressive male with big head, broad shoulders and deep chest. This is usually the extreme type of stud that all breeders would love to have their females mated with. It has been pure luck that we were able to grab this chance for Malaysian owners. Being bred from the East German police bloodline, he retains his hard character and targets his suspect for bite to kill attacks.

The video below shows the aggression displayed by this male dog during protection work. It was an informal session, but the sheer size and power of the dog can clearly be seen.

The firm bite grip coupled with fit physique shows the damage it can inflict on the decoy if is he is not prepared. This is a dog that requires an experienced handler and decoy if any work is to be performed.

Some facts worth noting about this stud

  • He has scored high points on SchH1 rating.
  • Also has passed Hip and Elbow examinations well enough for SV standards.
  • Been with family, so clear in head when with kids and family as can be seen in the picture gallery below.
  • Extremely strong drive for play be it a ball or just a piece of wood
  • Dominant dog of strong character with an extremely rock hard temperament
  • Despite his size, his protection work comes with lighting fast, rough and massive attacks

Stud Male

We feel that this is a good combination will definitely produce excellent puppies of high drive and full of confidence. Certainly the litter would be the best batch to be born in Malaysia for this year. Judging from the parent, we can be sure that the owner would at least want to keep one for his own to retain their legacy. Interesting owners should make quick decision in the case of this dog, as the dog is pregnant, mated on 01/11/2011 and it is advisable to fly in 4 more weeks.

Important Note

This female is a very special female from the breeding done by our principal. As such the terms of this sale will require the owner to comply with the condition of returning one puppy from the litter born in Malaysia as we need to retain her genetic pool for future generation. This is a mandatory condition for this deal as set by our principal as we stand by the words of Max Von Stephanitz,

“Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim.”