Young GSD

A trained young male age 2 years suitable for Home Protection. Imported from Germany and have been raised under local climate and trained to work on commands. Bred from service dog bloodline he is very fit and healthy and clearheaded with kids and ladies.

Young Dog


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Below are some interesting facts about this dog.

  • Working bloodline descended from famous hard dogs in Germany that was known for being guard dogs and sentry dogs.
  • Weighing at 35KG he is medium-sized and agile
  • Able to respond very well on commands and very receptive when it comes to handling him with or without leash
  • He is clean in the kennel and potty trained. He is perfect to be had indoor as well as he has perfect bowel control
  • Well socialized and has no dog aggression and can even kids can take him for walks. With his balanced temperament, he is a lovely dog in parks and loves to make friends with humans and dogs alike.
  • Very soft supply coat that is lovely to touch and caress. Being thick, requires owners to groom it regularly which helps to strengthen the bond. Perfectly healthy dog with a sound medical record
  • Always alert on who comes to the gate and has a tendency to warn the owner


Video on Obedience


The video shows how well the dog responds to commands off leash and is ever willing to abide regardless of the age of the handler. He has  strong joints and structure which propels him to take off 1 meter high from stationary position. He is totally oblivious of his surrounding once in the company of his owners.