East German Female

This dog has received superb training in all phases of obedience, protection and tracking. She is 2 years and has reached an impressive muscular size of a typical East German Border Patrol bloodline. Extremely fit with good scoring for hips and elbow, she has a well developed musculoskeletal  structure of a perfect working dog. This can easily be seen with the size of the chest and paws of this dog.

Important facts about this dog that makes unique:

  • She is a direct descendant of Asko von der Lutter who was a top working GSD during 1990’s to early 2000’s. There is not a single dog in Malaysia that is from the bloodline of Asko.
  • Her sire is a super size male with Kkl 1, SchH3 known for producing hard dogs. He was indeed a good producer and used as a stud by various breeders in Germany for his extreme aggression.
  • Weighing now 32kg with height 61cm as can be seen with proportion built
  • Has passed hips and elbow x-rayed with good results which is stamped in the pedigree
  • Again just like the other dogs that we have imported before, we made sure this dog is short and as such does not shed fur.  With a coat of good pigmentation the owner can even have her inside their home.
  • Her breed survey has given her a scoring of SG which means she has without doubt excellent physical conformance

The video below is from the sire. This is a hard dog not meant for every owner. And this is why this female is able to demonstrate such strength in her ability to work.



The photo in the Gallery below shows the development of this dog from puppyhood going through training and socialization. She photos of her strong Sire and Asko can also be seen.

Osten Deutsch Grenzschutz Hündin


Protection Work

Videos below show the acrobatical attack done by this dog during a protection training work. You can also view the aggression displayed by the dog when tested by an aggressor. With such size and power, she truly is danger to anyone who wishes to trespass into your home.




The dog is ready to fly anytime. It is also to be noted that the dog will be in heat in another 3 months. We would require 4 handover sessions with the new owner to familiarize in handling and commanding this dog. The handover sessions need to be done in Klang Valley. Full payment is to be made before the dog flies from Germany.

 Protection Training in Germany

We had a fantastic refresher session for the Protection work. This dog has extreme aggression and very stable nerves.


We had repeated the sessions to achieve perfect barking and the dog just keeps on getting better and better during each session.



Handover Session with new owner

It was indeed very fun to carry out our handover sessions with the new owner as he has taken it very serious and genuine interest in building up the dog. The dog too has learnt very well to climatize fast to be always ready for work and play. Below are some photos on Obedience and Protection work done with this dog.

Sable Female Handover Session


Obedience Session

Very well trained for obedience, she is able to concentrate on her work with us and the new owner. Ball focus is at maximum.



Protection Session

Always every looking forward for protection work, her energy for attack and bite is always at the highest. Grip is always calm and full exhibiting full confidence during protection work.


Training and coupled with good handling had made this dog a good protection dog and family pet for the new owner. He is taking good care and interest in developing the dog. In coming months we will update more information on the progress.