Oversized Young Female (Sable)

A real hard dog, this female is has an excellent proportion and good conformance. Age 2 years old and has been grown up with family. So she is easy to handle though has an extreme drive for play with family members.


Some traits of this dog that worth sharing :

  • Both parents of this dog has minimum KKl 1, SchH3, IPO3 and FH1 from legendary bloodlines such as Salztablick, Ritterland and Karthago.
  • Weighing 33kg and 62cm with toned physique and excellent proportion.
  • A perfect family dog that with a short coat. The owner does not need to worry about excessive fur shedding in the compound.
  • She has passed hips and elbow x-rays with good ratings and hence the pedigree stamped with the results.


Brown Sable Female

This is a dog that will bond with the new owner with minimum handing over session. She is very confident regardless of time and locations. So be it in the home or outside, this dog is a personal security guard. Are some videos taken lately to demonstrate the ability of this dog.

Protection Work (Long Bite)

This video is a demonstration of the dog’s ability to attack an aggressor and bite. Notice with little motivation and support from the handler, the dog demonstrates high aggression. With more support the dog will exhibit extreme strength during attack.


Obedience Work

The videos below show the dog’s willingness to work happily with the handler during the obedience phase. She does perfect heeling and responds very positively to “Stay” commands.

It is without doubt that the new owner will not only enjoy protection but surely great loving company with this dog around. She is currently moved to our principal’s kennel and ready to fly upon booking received from the new owner.

The dog has landed in Malaysia!!!. Video below was taken on its 2nd day in KLIA Quarantine. Without doubt she is full of power and speed. She’s climatizing well and is really confident in her new surrounding.

Handover session with new owner

The handover session has just begun. The owner and is family are remarkably working with the dog on obedience training. The gallery below shows some photos of during the obedience handover session.

Emma Obedience


The videos below show some short glimpses of the obedience work taken during the hand over session. Truly an over-sized female, she is still obedient with the new owner.

As usual we begin the session showing the steps in order to make it easy for the new owner.

The new owner is able to maintain good co-ordination with the dog during the obedience heel session. Clearly, he has spent precious time practicing the work on his own initiative.

Once the subsequent hand sessions commences, we will update photos and videos of civil protection work…