Sports Dog Vs Guard Dog

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This topic is about how we evaluate a final product of training rather than a dog that requires training or currently  undergoing training. I get so many requests for Guard Dogs. It’s a fair request by customers as it is the sole purpose of getting a dog in their home. The first thing that I always tell these customers is regardless of the breed, a dog is not born as a guard dog but rather made as one. And another equation not to be missed is that not all dogs born eventually become a Guard Dog. Apart from guarding, Guard Dogs require to provide personal protection. Check our page on Services about what constitutes Home Protection and the trainings provided for this discipline. The training that these dogs go through though initially is the  same in the beginnining as the one gone through by Sports Dogs, it will begin to branch out to another specialized area known as Home Protection. Not many trainers offer this in Malaysia if at all any. That is why we assess the dogs thoroughly during Level 1 Home Obedience training to determine if it is a protection material.

As opposed, Sports Dog are a totally different cup of tea. Like I mentioned earlier, the training starts out the same way, but the specialization for Sports Dog is very competition oriented. As such high level of structured approach is applied to the training as per the rules and regulations of the respective competition. Some famous competitive sports for dogs are such as Schutzhund, IPO, Ring Sport and KNPV. I do not want to dwell further in the sports area as it is a discipline by itself and application is limited to the area of work that we require the dogs to be for the purpose of Home Protection.

The problem arises when someone is trying to sell you a Sports Dog as a Guard Dog. For a lay man it looks the same i.e the dog barks and bites. But the protection work of a Sports Dog is to promote the aesthetics of the area of work. Nothing totally wrong about it cause it is like a martial arts athelit trying to impress the judge with his skillfull movement to score a higher point. You quite well understand that it is totally different compared to a body guard trained on special movements to guard and protect the person whom has hired him to do that job. In Malaysia most home owners do not require a Sports Dog. And believe me Sports Dogs are not cheap. I had imported a 3 years old Sports Dog for the price of EURO 8000. Normally no handler in Europe will sell a dog of that age. So if he decides to sell it will fetch that kind of price. That is why most Sports Dog in Malaysia are relatively old, not less than 8 years at the time when it is imported. That’s the time when the price will be around EURO 4000. The best price that I could get a Sports Dog for a customer in Malaysia was EURO 3000 and the dog was 5 years old, which I feel is fair enough.

The next question that might come up in your mind is, “Can I buy a Sports Dog and get it trained for Guarding?”.  My answers is “Yes, but why?”. The price of a young Sports Dog is very expensive. Nothing wrong about this as well, because the trainer would have put thousands of hours of training to prepare for competitions. Thus they will always want to recover the cost and make some profit at the same time. After buying it, you will have to send it for training which will cost you money as well. Believe me, retraining is more complicated that training. That is why our approach is to import a young dog trained for Home Protection work which is rather reasonable in price ranging from EURO 3000 to 4000 for customers who require Guard Dogs. In addition to that we also provide on-site training with simulation scenarios at customer’s home to fully accustom the dog to carry out the protection and guarding work. This service is part of the package.

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