How to pick a dog

Posted by admin | Posted in How to pick a dog | Posted on 17-01-2010


This is the older question all my customers ask me. I have sold both locally bred and imported puppies, young adults and adult dogs. When it comes to selling the young adults and adult dogs, I don’t see that the customer has much of a choice because I usualy present him with minimum 1 and maximum 2 trained dogs. So the choice is simple as the options given. In such cases I have noticed its whether the customer has the chemistry towards the dog the first time he sees it. He decides on the spot and it ends there.

As for puppies, its totally opposite. It’s the puppy that makes the choise, not you. Puppies have a child’s instinct. They can sense “their” right owner based on the body smell that the person carries in addition to his body language. Whether you like it or not, you keep on sending these two signals to everyone including humans and animals alike at all times. This is the way nature has created us and no amount of perfume or clothing can mask it. So when you see a puppy or group of puppies, whichever that runs to you first or follows you or even comes to you when listening to your voice regardless of whether you called it or not, is the puppy for you. If you have more than one that runs to you look for the fittest one. Usually this can be observed with the way the pups muscle out each other in the process of wanting reach you first Take it and walk away and have fun with him. It ends there. Of course don’t forget to pay for it!!!