Curbing the stray dog menace

Posted by admin | Posted in Community Work | Posted on 13-01-2010


This has been my concern from a long period of time. I just find that no one is acting systematically in solving the problems faced by the public. Being an animal lover I do not have anything against any living animal. But being a trainer I cannot stand unorderliness. Most importantly as this is about Community Work, being a citizen, I cannot tolerate the menace to public. Stray dogs in our country is called with all kinds of breed reference such as Mongrel, Strays, Street Dog, Mixed Breed, Wild Dogs and many more derogarory terms which I do not want to mention here. Regardless of the name given, the public menace created by these particular group of dogs has gone beyond tolerance. But being animals they are not able to think for themselves apart from the factor of food, shelter and mate. They do not know that attending nature’s call on the tyre of a car, at entrance of a home, at the gate, tearing rubbish to pick for food is just not right. The lists goes on. But I feel the cause of this menace is humans. If we study carefully study the cases, most stray dogs originate from packs of dogs that belong to irresponsible owners. Once they go beyond control in terms of behaviour or health conditions, the so-called owners disown them. No one cares for these dogs and they keep on living on scraps and given the right chance even procreate giving rise more strays. For the benefit of humans and dogs something needs to be done. Your opinion is most welcomed.

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